Bayside: The World’s State of Mass Insanity

We look down upon mass insanity…

November 1, 1970 – All Saints’ Day and Eve of All Souls’ Day

Our Lady – “My Rosary . . .
“How long, how long! I warn you now that My Son will not tolerate the sacrifice of the young for the man of perdition, the man of sin. You must stop these murders now, for I cannot bear to see the slaughter of the little innocent souls!

“A Warning will be, from My Son’s merciful heart. This Warning will be governed by the extent of the fall of man.

“We look down upon mass insanity. The legion of sick souls is growing. Fear fills the hearts of those falling in darkness.”

Veronica saw a vision of an angel. He was placing his hand down upon the earth. She saw confusion and darkness, terrible fear in the faces of many.

Our Lady – “I do not send you, My children, the signs without reason. Remember the ‘8’, the ‘4’—the octave. Through grace and in the will of the Father, exactness will come in time.
“I cannot admonish you enough to heed the signs. I give you the hourglass. The sand is going down. Pray! Pray, My children, for your priests and all those of high positions in My Son’s holy Church, for the greatest attacks from satan will come to them. Turn not away from them, but pray and show the example of a living Christ. This example must be brought to the children by their parents.
“Birds in the air die; fish in the sea . . . . Man cannot understand, but I give you the grace to see.
“Does My voice grow weaker, My child? It is only because My heart is filling up.

“My children, each one must reach out to bring another soul to Us, for the entrance into Heaven would then be voluminous! Be most persistent in your prayers, for they are never wasted in the recovery of souls.

Angel of Peace gone from USA
“I have warned you, there is so much evil that has been loosed upon you. I have warned you many times that the angel of peace has left your land. A constant vigil of prayer must be kept. Satan seeks to disunify My children. His plan is clever—to destroy from within. Have confidence in My Son’s ultimate triumph in My inhabitants.
“The medal will build the Shrine, My child.

“I am the Mother of all nations, and My heart covers your glorious land. I do not want to see My children be led slowly to their own destruction. I have chosen this land because of the many loving souls who will reach out to gather the sheep.

“Will everyone be saved? How My heart bleeds to have to tell you I cannot count those who will not seek the light.

“Remember, My children, My Son is always with you. He has a home in every land. He will always be with you. Though they seek to remove the physical true Presence, they cannot invade the world of the spirit. That will be the light that will guide you in the darkness.

“Man of science forever searching. Man of science seeking to find a consort in his quest. He will find satan!

“I have need to warn you, My children, to prepare. Stay within yourself in the light of grace, for I have often told you that these times are in the ‘times of the sorrows.’
“While you live and battle in your lifetime, remember those who have gone before you, who thirst for your prayers to quench the fires of desolation. They suffer in their temporary punishment.
“I repeat again, live every earthly day in the spirit. At this moment I cannot divulge the full plan of the Father. Prepare! Prepare! Retire from a world that is now the kingdom of satan. Gather your loved ones about you. Protect them with a vigil of prayer, the Rosary.

“You are not alone in the battle. We send all the graces necessary for your salvation. Redemption! Grace! Peace! All for the asking. The power of God reaches out to prayer.”

At this time Saint Theresa appeared to Veronica and said:
St. Theresa – “Love is the essence of the odeur of divinity. All watch for the essence of the flower.”
Our Lady – “I will send forth a shower of roses upon you, more numerous than the thorns that cover the bush.”
Veronica saw the flight of the blue angels, that surely evidenced the power of the Father to send the angels in numerous forms. The blue angels were gliding within a strong ray of light that appeared to guide them back and forth across the sky. Their wingspan is difficult to describe, for it was like watching a filmy veil of clothing, wispy and gliding back and forth in an amusing, playful manner. Two stars of an extraordinary size appeared before the light over the trees to the left of the statue.

Our Lady – “Blessed be the hearts that so warmly placed the Rosary beneath My feet.”
A cross was observed in the sky directly over the cross that stands on the steeple of St. Robert’s on this Vigil of November 1.

Rose Notes from Veronica:
We all bless you, to Mr. and Mrs. Fisher for the Rosary of love. [A Rosary made of artificial flowers was beautifully made by this couple and placed at the foot of the statue. This evoked the appreciative response from Our Lady in Her closing comment.] Remember to wear your Rosary about your neck always. Not for decoration but for protection.

We encourage everyone to print or email copies of this web page to all the Bishops and all the clergy. Also, email or send this web page to the news media and as many people as possible.

“My children, My little humble children, I appeal to you as your Mother, go forward on foot, knock on the doors; bring the light to your brothers and sisters. For those who have been given great grace, much is expected of them.” – Our Lady of the Roses, May 26, 1976

“As disciples of the latter days, My children, much shall be asked of you, but I assure you: all that you give in faith and charity shall be returned to you threefold.” – Jesus, June 1, 1978

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The Right Spirit

My name is “Humility” many do not know me by face, because I show myself in manners of selfless deeds.

.. My siblings Pride and Greed compete for dominance in the world and grow weary in confusion while taking on other absorbencies (envy, glutonny, lust, sloth…wrath)

©2018 Jon Ak (AmericaOnCoffee/TowerAndFlights)

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The Recent Marian Apparitions in Northern Iraq and the Sign of Jonah

Message from Our Lady- January 31st, 2015

Peace my beloved children!

I, your Heavenly Mother, still invite you to renew your hearts in love and God’s forgiveness.

Free yourselves from sin and change your lives. God’s forgiveness heals your hearts and your souls. Cleanse yourselves through confession. Be intent on correcting your sinful acts, washing yourselves in the blood of my Son Jesus.

My children, time is passing and the great purification is coming closer and closer to the world, when God will grant it an opportunity to abandon the path of evil and return to his holy way.

Pray much and visit inasmuch as you can my Son Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. There, before my Divine Son, you will find strength and grace, light and blessing to bear what will come upon the world.

God will purify men[/women] of their sins, so that they might ponder upon and make amends for their wrong attitudes. The world is walking along the edge of a great abyss that leads to hell.
Intercede for the salvation of souls. Help your brothers who are far from God and from my maternal Heart, telling them of all my love and my maternal messages.

Families who do not pray will not be able to remain united and standing for long. Take care of your families. Your families are thirsting for the love of God, but do not find it because many are attached to sin and to the world.

Contend for the salvation of your families, relatives and friends. God has already given you many graces. Take them now to those in need and do not be afraid. I thank you for being here and for your prayers offered to me, your Immaculate Mother.

Return to your homes with God’s peace. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Today the Holy Mother asked me to pray Glorias for the sick in soul and body. She prayed for all her most suffering and afflicted children and blessed them.
Afterwards the Virgin prayed the prayer she taught me in the past:

Mercy, Jesus.
Mercy for all sinners.
Mercy for all humanity!

When Our Lady is before me everything changes and is transformed. With her and before her, I feel the marvellous experience of heaven and the power of prayer for the good of the world and of all those who most need God’s love and mercy.


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True beauty is a job well done

……Not on the surface, but inside out.

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I often wonder if one’s true self, is the inner self. If this is so, just imagine how many people are in need of a spiritual makeover.

©2018, Jon Ak (AmericaOnCoffee/TowerAndFlights)

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Heaven Continuously Reaches Out To The World: The “Marian Aparitions in Kibeho, Rwanda”

Marian Apparitions of our Lady in Kibeho 1981 Rwanda

By Jesus Maria
20-25 minutes

Marian Apparition: Rwanda Vandalism was rampant all over the country from 1980 to 1981. Almost all of the statues of the Virgin Mary that were at the entrance of villages were mutilated, destroyed, or stolen. This was a sad time when Mary was almost forgotten, and barely prayed to. Even several priests did not pray the Rosary any more, influenced by the propaganda of false theologians who would like to make us believe that this devotion is out of date. Catholics are humiliated; the clergy begins to give up.

It is in this time of discouragement that Mary chose to visit Rwanda. From 1981 to 1989, this country heard of the Virgin Mary as never before. Kibeho is located in the south of the country, the poorest area of Rwanda. The presence, in this place, of two dynamic priests made the population fervent.
Kibeho: The school of the Apparitions

At the start of the new school year in 1981, there were 120 students, divided into three classes. Three nuns are directing the school. The other teachers – one woman and five men – are lay people. They are all Rwandans. Two are Protestant, the others are Catholic. The majority of the students are Catholic, but there are also 17 Protestant and 2 Moslem students. Morals are far from being exemplary.

Kibeho: The first Apparition

Marian Apparition: Rwanda Alphonsine Mumreke, the first seer of Kibeho, is 17 years old, and is in her first year at the secondary school of Kibeho. She is very pious, and has always shown a great love for the Blessed Virgin. She also likes to attend Holy Mass. Here is how she relates the first Apparition: “It took place on Saturday, November 28, 1981, at 12:35 p.m. I was in the dining room of the school, serving my classmates. All of a sudden, I heard a voice calling me.”

Mary: “My daughter.”

Alphonsine: “Here I am.” “I went to the corridor, and saw a very beautiful woman. I knelt down, made the Sign of the Cross, and asked: ‘Who are you?’”

Mary: “Ndi Nyina Wa Jambo (in the local language, ‘I am the Mother of the Word’). In the religion, what do you prefer?”

Alphonsine: “I love God and His Mother, who gave us the Child who redeemed us.”

Mary: “If it is so, I have come to calm you, because I have heard your prayers. I would like your friends to have Faith, because they do not believe strongly enough.”

Alphonsine: “Mother of the Saviour, if it is really You who has come to tell us that here, in this school, we have little Faith, You do love us. I am really filled with joy that You appear to me.”

Alphonsine relates:

“The Virgin was not white as She is usually seen in holy pictures. I could not determine the color of Her skin, but She was of incomparable beauty. She was barefoot and had a seamless white dress, and also a white veil on Her head. Her hands were clasped together on Her breast, and Her fingers pointed to the sky. Later, I was told that I was in the dining room. My classmates told me that I was speaking in several languages: French, English, Kinyarwanda, etc. “When the Blessed Virgin was about to leave, I said three ‘Hail Marys’ and the prayer, ‘Come, Holy Spirit’. When She left, I saw Her rise to Heaven like Jesus.”

At the end of the Apparition, the seer remained motionless for a quarter of an hour, as if she was paralyzed, and all the efforts to get her out of ecstasy were in vain. Neither the teachers nor the nuns gave credence to what Alphonsine said. They rather spoke of illness instead of apparitions.

The phenomenon took place again the next day, on November 29. In December, the Apparitions took place almost every Saturday. Excited by their curiosity, the students and the teachers test the reality of the ecstasies. They burn Alphonsine with a match, or prick her with a pin, but the seer has no reactions.

Alphonsine suffered a lot during this period of subtle persecution. They mocked her: “Here comes the seer!” During the May 8, 1982 Apparition, Alphonsine complained to the Virgin Mary: “People say that we are crazy.” This day, her mother was present for the first time.

Many signs are given by Heaven to bring the students and the teachers to believe in the authenticity of the Apparitions.

The students who had rosaries brought them to have them blessed by the Blessed Virgin. They were all mixed up together, so it was impossible for Alphonsine to know their owners. Alphonsine took the rosaries and offered them to the Blessed Virgin. Some rosaries became too heavy, and the seer could not lift them and ask for the blessing. One then noticed that the heavy Rosary in question belonged to a student who did not believe in the authenticity of the Apparitions, and who criticized them.

There was also, in the dormitory, the Apparition of a star and of sparkling lights that all could see.

If the first Apparition took place in the dining room, during the day, the following Apparitions took place in the evening, in the dormitory, in the room of the seer. The Virgin Mary often told the seer about the date of Her next Apparition.

In Rwanda, news goes fast. People rush up to be present at the time of the Apparitions. Upon the request of the Bishop, the seer spoke about it to the Director of the school. The next meetings will take place outdoors, in the schoolyard. Some Apparitions will continue to take place in the dormitory – private Apparitions that concern only the seer and the students.

Mary will progressively make Herself known to the students, and win them over. She gives advice, encourages, makes remarks to bring them on the right path. She is really the Mother who, in Her motherly love, educates Her children. Our Lady really became the Queen of this school. She should be the Queen of all schools!

One knows that the present situation in schools worldwide is awful, because God has been chased out, because His law is no longer taught. It is even forbidden to pray to Him in schools! Every morning, when we go to Mass, our heart breaks when we see school buses arriving to school, loaded with children. Poor little ones, who are taught that God does not exist! Mary came to Kibeho in a school, to set the example to the whole world, and to show how students can be transformed when God’s law is taught in schools.

Because of the strong opposition that the first Apparitions had caused, some teachers and students had said: “We will believe in the coming in our school of Mary, the Mother of God, only if She appears to others besides Alphonsine.” The seer replied to them: “Pray yourselves to obtain this favor.”
Two other seers

On January 12, 1982, Our Lady grants the prayers of the students, and also appears to a young girl, Anathalie Mukamazimpaka, and will appear to her until December 3, 1983.

Marian Apparition: Rwanda Marian Apparition: Rwanda And on March 2, 1982, to the surprise of all, Our Lady appears to Marie Claire Mukangango. It is like a bomb in the school, for Marie Claire was one of those who had showed her unbelief the most. Her Christian life was nothing special, and was even far from being exemplary! She called Alphonsine “a fool”. And now, it is her turn to be seized by a mysterious power. The Virgin Mary chose her to spread Her message, and from now on, Marie Claire keeps saying:

“One must meditate on the Passion of Jesus, and on the deep sorrows of His Mother. One must recite the Rosary every day, and also the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows of Mary, to obtain the favour of repentance.”

Marie Claire will have Apparitions until September 15, 1982.
The blessing of water

In January and February, 1982, diabolical phenomena take place in the dormitory. To cast away these unknown forces, the nuns use Lourdes’ water, which has a soothing effect, but soon there is no more water left. So Anathalie is asked to have some water blessed by the Virgin Mary during the Apparitions. This was on March 2, 1982. Thus started, at Kibeho, the habit of having water blessed by the Virgin Mary before the Apparition. There are now three seers at Kibeho, all from the college. The three of them are now recognized by the Church: Alphonsine, Anathalie, and Marie Claire.
Other Apparition sites

Marian Apparition: Rwanda The Apparitions of Mary, that followed the first one to Alphonsine, take place in the dormitory until January 16, 1982, and from that date, either in the schoolyard, for public Apparitions, or in the dormitory of the students, or in a place converted into a chapel. It is there that the students come to pray in the evening, and it will be the moment favored by the Blessed Virgin to visit one of the seers of the school. The students are present during the Apparition, and often the talks with the Virgin are about school life. These Apparitions are considered private, and the public is not allowed.

However, all can attend the Apparitions in the schoolyard. There is a conversation between the seer and the Apparition. All can hear and record the words of the seer, but they obviously cannot hear the words of the Virgin Mary. Very soon, the crowds become larger, especially in May, 1982, the month dedicated to Mary.

A podium and powerful speakers are installed to allow journalists and the members of the medical and theological commission to circulate freely, and above all, to allow the population to hear the dialogue of the seers. On August 15, 1982, there were 20,000 people.

Towards the end of an Apparition, the Blessed Virgin asks the seers to bless the crowd. The seers are in ecstasy; they do not see the crowd, but a garden of flowers, some fresh, and others faded. Our Lady asks the seers to water the flowers, and explains that the fresh flowers represent people whose hearts are turned to God, whereas the faded flowers represent those whose hearts are turned to earthly things, especially to money.
Mystical journeys

Marian Apparition: Rwanda There are also the mystical journeys. Alphonsine experienced this phenomenon on March 20 and 21, 1982. She informs the Sister directress and her classmates in advance: “I will look dead, but don’t be afraid; don’t bury me!” The journey lasts eighteen hours. Priests, nurses, religious, the medical assistant of the Red Cross, all can see Alphonsine plunged into a deep sleep, her body straight and very heavy. They cannot lift her nor separate her hands that are joined. During this journey, the Blessed Virgin shows her Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell.

Another impressive phenomenon that took place in Kibeho was the fasts and the silences requested by Jesus or Mary. This was also checked by the commission of inquiry. These fasts could last up to fourteen days, without harming the health of the seers.

She prays and sings

During one Apparition, Alphonsine is cured of a severe quinsy and of a loss of voice, and also of an eye disease. During the Apparition on October 2, she fell seven times, but even when she lays on the ground, she continues to pray and to sing. She asks for the grace to detest sin, the strength no…..

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The TONGUE has Great Power

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Contamination! Bacteria is not only physical matter but also spiritual matter.

The Bible tells us that it is not what we put in our mouths that defiles us but “WHAT COMES OUT OF OUR MOUTHS”.

There is a two-way curse:

#1 Blasphemy (condemning vulgarities) coming out of the mouth is disrespecting God, Life and all of God’s goodness. Yes, it is speaking deceit against God, upon ourselves, others and our world. CURSING GOD, CURSES LIFE (–meaning we, mankind, catch Hell. This explodes all kinds of problems for us in Life.)

If we want life to be blessed, we need to be thankful and do so with blessings coming out of our mouths instead of speaking out curses. These curses obviously cut off graces and bring problems into our lives.

#2 We need to bless the food that we eat. Today people have become reliant on how their food is processed (organic and specialized) rather than blessing the foods which they eat.

Obviously we are very spiritual beings who can suffer harsh physical repercussions through the errors of our own actions. What come out of the mouth, (by the TONGUE) obviously “has power”. Power to bless, curse and/or cleanse.

Bibically speaking:

But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. Matthew 15:18

The power of the tongue:

Proverbs 18:21 – Death and life [are] in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

1 Peter 3:10 – For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile:

©2018, Jon Ak (AmericaOnCoffee/TowerAndFlights)

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Bethel Music Moment: Spontaneous Worship – Steffany Gretzinger + Josh Baldwin

Bethel Music Moment: Spontaneous Worship – Steffany Gretzinger + Josh Baldwin

Through worship, we sing out our testimonies. Testimonies of His faithfulness, His redemption, His pursuit. “When I was almost lost to religion, You set me free. There’s grace to be yourself in worship. Let it all go. He’s faithful.” Watch a recent moment of spontaneous worship with Steffany Gretzinger and Josh Baldwin at Bethel Church.

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