To the Lost and Confused…


No two paths, many paths, or selfish path can lead you to Heaven.  This is confusion! Confusion is hellish.  

There is one way to Heaven thru this passing world:  The  Christ path.  Pick up your cross (worldly sufferings). Calvary is the way to Eternal life!  Follow Jesus Christ!

Matthew 7:13

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

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There was once a wealthy businessman who upon planning for his retirement, asked a well-known contractor to build a most spectacular dream home for his final retreat. The contactor was given all of the measurements and specifications for a 2-story mansion, with 8 bedrooms on each floor, 3 patios and 2 swimming pools. The wealthy businessman told the contractor to choose the very best materials and to spare no expense. Now, the contractor had a large family and work for him had become quite scarce. He, therefore welcomed the project as a wonderful  financial opportunity.

The contractor got busy.  He was busy for weeks and for months. But, although the contractor was receiving huge amounts of funds from the wealthy businessman, he spent the least amount on all the building materials, for the gain of a bigger profit. Then came the day when the retirement retreat was ready. The wealthy businessman looked upon the completed project, turned to the contractor, smiled and said, “This home is my gift to you my friend.”

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“My Sweet Lord”

is a song by English musician and former Beatle

George Harrison

that was released in November 1970 on his triple album All Things Must Pass. Also issued as a single, Harrison’s first as a solo artist, “My Sweet Lord” topped charts worldwide and was the biggest-selling single of 1971 in the UK. In America and Britain, the song was the first number 1 single by an ex-Beatle. Harrison originally gave the song to his fellow Apple Records artist Billy Preston to record; this version, which Harrison co-produced, appeared on Preston’s Encouraging Words album in September 1970.

Harrison wrote “My Sweet Lord” in praise of the Hindu god Krishna,[1] while at the same time intending the lyrics to serve as a call to abandon religious sectarianism through his deliberate blending of the Hebrew word hallelujah with chants of “Hare Krishna” and Vedic prayer.[2] The recording features producer Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound treatment and heralded the arrival of Harrison’s much-admired slide guitar technique, which one biographer described as being “musically as distinctive a signature as the mark of Zorro”.[3] Preston, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton and the group Badfinger are among the other musicians appearing on the recording.

Later in the 1970s,

“My Sweet Lord”

was at the centre of a heavily publicised copyright infringement suit, due to its similarity to the Ronnie Mack song “He’s So Fine”, a 1963 hit for the New York girl group the Chiffons. In 1976, Harrison was found to have subconsciously plagiarised the earlier tune, a verdict that had repercussions throughout the music industry. He claimed to have used the out-of-copyright “Oh Happy Day”, a Christian hymn, as his inspiration for the song’s melody.



This Evil Generation



photo credit: Teresa Taylor

Recently, while in a time of fellowship with the Lord, He said this: “Demons perform on demand, especially when My Name is spoken.  This is one of their favorite deceptions.  But know this, I am a Sovereign God.  I don’t come every time someone calls, and I don’t perform on command.  I only act according to My will and purpose and in My timing.  And I don’t act to bless you, I act to fulfill My will and purpose, which is a blessing to you”

In other words, God isn’t sitting around waiting for people to call His name so He can come running to see what they want.  He isn’t like some trained circus animal, ready to jump through a hoop as soon as someone sticks one in His face.  How ludicrous!  Yet that’s exactly what many in the traditional church believe today.  They travel around from place to place, drive for hours, and spend thousands of dollars on airfare and motels to see the latest circus, otherwise known as a “signs and wonders revival meeting”.  All because they think certain anointed men have this gift of making God do what they want, when they want.  This won’t be popular, but I have to say it, if that’s what you believe, then you don’t know God!  You only have a conception of God, and it’s a wrong one.

When you look at it in context (something that’s not very popular today, isolated phrases and verses are a lot more flexible), Ezekiel 20:9,14,22 all tell us that God acts to

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Why Street Evangelization

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“Arms of Love” Sung By Misty Edwards


Misty Edwards has been a worship leader and songwriter at the International House of Prayer since its inception in September 1999, and currently serves on the leadership team.

Misty is committed to pursuing the Lord by living in obedience to basic scriptural principles. “My focus is to go deep in the Scripture. To live out the first and great commandment to love God wholeheartedly, which leads to Jesus’ second commandment, to love others as ourselves, stay faithful in the place of prayer, fast more, give more, and live the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle to the highest degree, even in my weakness,” says Misty.

She has been actively writing songs since she was a teenager, and continues to grow in this art, while encouraging others to do the same. “I write songs by looking right at Jesus from my heart, and actually singing to a real person who is listening and moving at the sound of my voice,” she says. Through worship leading at conferences and her faithful years of leading in the prayer room, which is streamed live, 24/7, around the world, Misty’s music has impacted thousands. She desires that in worship believers would encounter Jesus intimately: “I pray that the songs I write would bring people not only into an intellectual understanding, but a true heart connect with God, who is bending over the balcony of heaven listening to them singing words that move Him and impact Him.”

One of Misty’s passions is to see singers and songwriters fulfill their role as forerunners, by bringing a message concerning God’s personality and the return of His Son. She believes God is raising up musical, prophetic theologians who will write songs like King David, declaring the knowledge of God in the context of knowing the times and the seasons. She believes music is the most powerful way to get a room of people to join together with one heart, one mind, and one voice. “When songwriters write songs after God’s heart,” Misty says, “it will cause a corporate people to agree with the Lord, which will usher in His presence and prepare His Bride for the great and terrible things that are about to come upon the earth.”




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