5 thoughts on “WHEN SATAN PROMISES A JOYRIDE, YOU CAN BE SURE, IT’S A DETOUR TO HELL…Satan’s Favorite Drug Ever – Meth

  1. I work the rooms for 12 step for drugs and alcohol. I cannot name them in public media as they remain anonymous according to traditions. 15 years clean and sober March 3. Meth and crack – what monsters they are. You feel it hard in the gut esp when a family member has become enslaved. When it comes to the point that you can do no more and must let go and say good bye and cut them out of your life for your own sanity the guilt is overwhelming but you have to do it. They belong to God now. In North Carolina dozens of deaths recently because the heroin is laced with killer doses of pain killer. 10 have died in one room I attend.

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