Virgin Mary Appears-In Akita,Japan

22 Feb
Virgin Mary Appears-In Akita,Japan

Akita, Japan: The Miraculous Statue of Our Lady of All Nations and the Apparitions of Our Lady to Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa

About the Statue of Our Lady of All Nations in Akita:

In the simple chapel here is a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, carved in 1963, by Mr. Saku Wakasa, a sculptor from Akita City, based on the picture of Our Lady called “Mother of All Nations”. It was about three feet tall, carved from the Judea tree that grew in the area. The statue had Our Lady standing before a cross with her arms at her side, palms upright and outstretched, with a globe at her feet.

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Our Lady of Akita, 1973-1979 in Yuzawadai, Japan

In 1973, Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa, who had received healing from multiple health problems after drinking water from Lourdes, went to live with a group of religious sisters in the remote area of Yuzawadai, Japan.


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