O GOD, OUR, FATHER … Hear Us! We plead before Thee, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for All who tonight In THIS GREAT CITY stand in the MOST NEED of Thy MERCIFUL LOVE and Protection.

On souls beset by Temptation, HAVE MERCY.

On those who have fallen into sin, HAVE MERCY.

On those who are given up to worldliness and forgetful of Thee, HAVE MERCY.

On those who are at this moment in danger of losing Thee forever, HAVE MERCY.

By Thine Agony,

Those who are tempting others, convert to Thy Love.

On those who Are carrying on wicked trades and profit by sin, HAVE MERCY.

On the victims of sin, HAVE MERCY.

On those Indulging in sinful amusements, HAVE MERCY.

On all who are imperiling their souls by self-indulgence and luxury, HAVE MERCY.

On all Frequenting haunts of sin, HAVE MERCY.

By thy Scourging, SAVE THEM, JESUS.

On all who are out Tonight, the homeless, the weary, the starving, Those tempted to suicide, the intemperate, HAVE MERCY.

On those who are out for sin, HAVE MERCY.

To those Who are out to rescue others. grant help and protection.

O GOD, OUR FATHER…HEAR US! We plead before Thee, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for all who tonight in this great city stand in the most need of Thy merciful love and Protection.

For those who work at night, the police, railway men, firemen, those engaged on the stage, soldiers and sailors, sentries on duty, editors and journalists,
LET Thy Presence be with them, Jesus.

For the sick and suffering and all who are enduring any agony of mind and Body, COMFORT them, Jesus.

For all undergoing operations, STRENGTHEN them, Jesus, and help them in body and soul.

For the sleepless and lonely, BE NEAR THEM.

For those in anxiety, nervous or mental distress, CALM them.

For the insane, KEEP them in Thy Power.

For those who attend upon the insane, make them tender-hearted and compassionate.

For night nurses, give faithfulness and sympathy. For priests and doctors called out this night, REWARD them.

By Thy Crown of Thorns, DELIVER them, Jesus. For those who this night must suffer bereavement, VISIT AND SUSTAIN THEM.

For those for whom this will be their last night on earth,

O GOD, OUR FATHER, HEAR US! We plead before Thee, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for all who tonight in this great city stand in the most need of Thy merciful love and Protection. For those whom Sudden death summons before Thy Judgment, HAVE MERCY.

For those dying along with priest or sacrament, HAVE MERCY.

For those dying rejecting the ministry of The Holy Church, HAVE MERCY.

On those dying unconscious, HAVE MERCY.

On those dying blind to their sin, HAVE MERCY.

On the souls of unbelievers and heretics who are near death, HAVE MERCY.

On those who are trying to turn to Thee even in this their last hour, HAVE MERCY.

For those who are afraid to die, turn their heaviness into joy.

For the faithful departed, grant them light and peace.

For ourselves in our last hour, grant the pardon of our sins, our negligences and our ignorances.

By Thy Holy Death, deliver us all, O Jesus.

On behalf of those who have said no prayers today, Let us say, Our Father….

On behalf of those who neglect to praise God and Thank him, Let us say The Divine Praises…

On behalf of those who blasphemy and neglect the Blessed Sacrament, Let us say Blessed, praised and hallowed, and worshipped, and adored be Jesus Christ on His Throne of Glory and in the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

Written By Rev. John J. Jennings & Rev Paul F. Leibold





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This Evil Generation



photo credit: Teresa Taylor

Recently, while in a time of fellowship with the Lord, He said this: “Demons perform on demand, especially when My Name is spoken. This is one of their favorite deceptions. But know this, I am a Sovereign God. I don’t come every time someone calls, and I don’t perform on command. I only act according to My will and purpose and in My timing. And I don’t act to bless you, I act to fulfill My will and purpose, which is a blessing to you”

In other words, God isn’t sitting around waiting for people to call His name so He can come running to see what they want. He isn’t like some trained circus animal, ready to jump through a hoop as soon as someone sticks one in His face. How ludicrous! Yet that’s exactly what many in the traditional church believe today. They travel around from place to place, drive for hours, and spend thousands of dollars on airfare and motels to see the latest circus, otherwise known as a “signs and wonders revival meeting”. All because they think certain anointed men have this gift of making God do what they want, when they want. This won’t be popular, but I have to say it, if that’s what you believe, then you don’t know God! You only have a conception of God, and it’s a wrong one.

When you look at it in context (something that’s not very popular today, isolated phrases and verses are a lot more flexible), Ezekiel 20:9,14,22 all tell us that God acts to

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Transform Your Hate List Into A Prayer List

Transform Your Hate List Into A Prayer List

Why You Should LoveThe People You Hate

By June Silny

“If you and I are having a single thought of violence or hatred againstanyone in the world at this moment, we are contributing to the wounding of the world…” —Deepak Chopra

Okay, so you might have a hard time believing that your hatred is harming people in Australia, but there is one sad truth you about it—your hatred is probably hurting you.

Do you find yourself hating people?

Maybe your stepsister ruined your birthday dinner; your best friend kissed your lover; and the guy you eat lunch with every day sneaked behind your back to get the promotion you were next in line for.

A few months go by, and you think you’re over it until BAM! There he is, standing in line behind you as you pay for your caramel macchiato. You want to run out the door and accidentally spill your hot coffee on him. You pretend you don’t see him, and then make a beeline for the closest exit.

What’s next? You’re left with your gut-wrenching, heart-pounding self.

Someone did something sneaky, nasty or mean to you, and now you hate him for it. You’re absolutely right. What they did was wrong but hating is bad for you. It’s unhealthy and you can’t be happy until you trash it (your hatred, not the other person’s car).

People hurt you. It’s a fact of life. Whether intentional or unintentional, the pain remains. Usually that hurt turns into hate. Here are some reasons to stop hating and start loving.

1. When you hate someone else, you hate yourself

by allowing this demon to live inside you. How long do you want to hold onto that uncomfortable feeling?

2. To love again, you’ve got to forgive.

If you don’t, you live imprisoned in the past unable to enjoy the present. You destroy your chances for another romance, your next promotion, and a peaceful family dinner.

3. Loathing others makes you feel like an evil person.

Ironically, if you hang on to hatred, you begin to feel like the wrongdoer. Before you know it you’re breathing fire instead of words, your fangs are showing, your claws come out, and your face contorts into twisted shapes. Who’s evil now?

4. Hatred is a personal problem that becomes a global crisis.

Imagine if everyone held onto to his hatred, how much collective hatred there would be in the world.

5. Learning to love someone you hate is a true test of character.

Show yourself just how great you really are!

How to Love People You Hate

1. Look for the lesson.

Each hurtful event has a powerful lesson to teach you.

2. Practice forgiveness.

Release the pain of the past. Open your heart and learn to love again.

3. Love yourself more than you hate others.

Instead of focusing on how angry, hurt, and resentful you are, take a pause, then realize how you are harming yourself by letting these negative emotions live inside you.

Loving someone you hate is probably one of the hardest things to do.

But when you face the facts, there are no good reasons to keep that nasty feeling inside you, and too many good reasons to give it up. Believe in yourself; you can do it. Lying dormant inside you is an undiscovered superpower to accomplish this true test of character.

Only when you become free of this burden, can you start to live a happier life.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” —Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Coming out of Satan’s fake heaven

Coming out of Satan’s fake heaven

Battling the Devil’s Drug

Danae Betzer is fighting a battle. But unlike a soldier deployed to a distant country, she confronts the enemy every day in her own backyard. And it’s a foe as enticing as it is deadly: the drug crystal methamphetamine.

After ten years as a user, Danae was at the end of her rope. She’d tried acupuncture, meditation, three rehabs, and finally moved alone to the Mojave Desert to break her habit. Nothing worked until her world collapsed. Miraculously, she now has been clean for nine years.

Called “the devil’s drug,” “crystal meth,” or “ice,” this drug shatters lives. Often, it moves on to wipe out families, and even communities, through divorce, child abuse, job loss, STDS, schizophrenia, homelessness, and hopelessness. Last year, respected evangelical pastor Ted Haggard resigned from his ministry posts after it was revealed that he lived a secret life that included crystal meth.

The drug’s lure is intense. In one study, laboratory animals chose to press a lever to release crystal methamphetamine rather than eat. In August of 1998, 29-year-old Danae Betzer had plunged into that same desperation. At 2:00 A.M., she and her boyfriend went dumpster diving like mongrel dogs.

“Crystal meth destroys life. Very few can try it once and put it down.” ??”Blenda Sing
“I was knee-deep in trash, looking for something to hock,” Danae says. “I figured ten bucks would solve my problem. I needed a fix.”

Almost everything she owned had been pawned or repossessed. Danae had reached the bitter dregs of addiction.

The day after the dumpster episode, Danae’s boyfriend got busted for dealing. No food, no electricity, no phone, and no man. For almost two weeks, Danae binged on meth. She injected it during the day, and at night collapsed on her bare mattress unable to sleep. She begged God to help her out of her madness, tracing Psalm 88:10 in shaky blue ink. “Wilt Thou perform wonders for the dead?” Danae felt dead already.

Danae knew she had three options: jail, death, or get help. A girlfriend recommended Set Free, a Christian rehab center in Riverside, California, with a decent success rate. On Sept. 14, 1998, trembling, filthy, and wearing hand-me-down clothes, she dialed the rehab’s number.

“Set Free, this is Elder Kenny.”

“I’m Danae. I’m addicted to ice. What can you offer me?”

“A whole lot of love. You’re gonna make it. Do your best to get here three days sober. ”

“Don’t know if I can.”

“Yes, you can. God loves you.”

“I don’t have any money.”

“It’s free. We don’t turn anybody away.”

Danae borrowed money for the three-hour Greyhound bus ride and then spent the next 70 hours sobering up. “I’ll never forget that bus ride,” she recalls. “I itched all over. Even my teeth.”

Every moment of the trip, Danae considered chucking her idea of trying to quit. Taunting thoughts never left her.


You’ll never make it.

“I hated ice. But I hated myself even more.”

Keys for Breaking Free
Danae isn’t alone. An article in the January 17, 2006, USA Today reported that crystal meth now tops all other drugs for ER visits. Blenda Sing, an addictions counselor for 20 years, says, “Ice addiction crosses all gender, race, and ages and is growing like wildfire. Crystal meth addiction is the fastest-growing, most powerful addiction I’ve seen. Alcohol can take years to trigger addiction. Ice destroys life. Fast. Very few can try crystal meth once or twice and put it down.”

Sing pinpoints two keys necessary to break the cycle of addiction and recover. First, daily surrender to God by acknowledging this truth: “I am powerless over ____.” And second, a strong support system. Addictions can’t be beaten alone. Those breaking free must surround themselves with others living substance-free lives. (This includes alcohol, marijuana, nicotine, and prescription painkillers.)

Danae Betzer entered Set Free on September 17, 1998, and happened upon those same two principles. She was welcomed with plenty of hugs, a stack of clean clothes, a shower, and a hot meal. After dinner, she left for a women’s ranch in Cabazon, California. For the next 30 days, Danae re-learned how to live.

Crystal meth erases basic life and job skills, the importance of proper nutrition, self-esteem, and good friends. Brain damage can be so severe that, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it can be similar to that caused by Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and epilepsy.

Day-by-day, Danae found strength and encouragement through God and His messengers. “Every morning, I read Proverbs with other women fighting the same addiction demons. I began eating right and sleeping again. Good thoughts soaked in and replaced crazy lies I believed. ”

Freedom Fighters
After “getting her mind back,” Danae joined a Set Free-connected church in Riverside, California, and began the work phase. Those in this second phase find jobs and return $75 per week to the Set Free facility for gas, food, and housing.

Kenny, the man who answered Danae’s initial phone call to Set Free, has been clean for 12 years. Danae remembers her first impression of him. “When I looked into his brown eyes, I felt no condemnation. He’d walked the same path.”

Often, romantic relationships formed in rehab end in disaster. Not this time. When Danae met Kenny, he’d been clean for five years. Desiring to do things the right way, they followed the strict dating rules of the Set Free discipleship program—no dates for three months, and then they were chaperoned.

The couple married on May 8, 1999. Kenny went on to become an ordained minister—to addicts and alcoholics.

In 2001, the couple moved to Atlanta, Georgia. In an inner-city neighborhood, surrounded by drugs, gangs, and prostitution, they began another Set Free ministry. Kenny and Danae rented and gutted a storefront shop in a strip mall and began feeding, loving, and pointing out the pathway of hope.

Kenny says, “Set Free caters to the ‘least and the last,’ those who don’t fit in churches, those who are overlooked in the streets, the homeless. But we’ve also had professional, white-collar folks come for help. The key is daily surrendering our will to God, and to stay closely involved with others wanting sobriety. For those who remain united with others serious about recovery, the success rate is about 85 percent. That includes ice addiction.”

The Betzers have launched two new facilities in Georgia—a men’s and a women’s. They are bright new additions to existing Set Free programs in Colorado, South Carolina, Washington, Missouri, and California.

Kenny and Danae are shaking their fists at the devil and his drug. But they’re doing so much more. The Betzers are on the frontlines, welcoming in the wounded and weary, offering food, hope, and a new way of life—the same way they were loved back to wholeness.

The devil’s drug still packs a mean wallop. But now there’s a formidable foe—recovering addicts who teach other addicts how to fight.

And they’re winning.

Julie West Garmon is a writer who lives in Monroe, Georgia. Winning the Addiction Battle

The following are a list of organizations and resources that can provide help and hope in the war against crystal meth and other addictions:

Set Free:
The network of evangelical churches and rehab centers described in the main article,

Crystal Meth Anonymous:
A 12-step fellowship for those in recovery from addiction to crystal methamphetamine,

U-Turn for Christ:
A discipleship ranch dedicated to helping men, women, and teens caught up in drug and alcohol abuse,

Intervention Resources:
The website for the A&E cable channel series Intervention, which contains links to treatment centers, therapists, and interventionists,



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Jesus Did It!

By: Lisa Davis-Whorley

Praise God! My name is Lisa Davis-Whorley. I am 32 years old at this writing; married for three years and have three wonderful blessings as children. I am giving God all the glory and praise right now because He has saved me and turned my life totally around.

I was always in a holiness church as a child. My mother was the pastor’s wife, which was my two step-dad’s and my natural dad. My mother was a hard worker and provided for me and my two siblings very well. This was during the 70’s and 80’s and my mother was being abused by one of my four step-fathers.

I remember her working long hours at the telephone company here in Georgia. I also remember going to that sanctified church on the hill every Sunday. I didn’t realize that 24 years ago, my life would be beginning to change.

I was a very rebellious teenager and did all that was against the church and whatever they were teaching from the Bible. I ended up pregnant at 15; I had an abortion. I was eight weeks into the pregnancy. I then began to hate my mother because I felt she was a liar and she wasn’t true to God because she was the one that paid for the abortion and took me to have it done. Thank God He has freed me from all that hate and anger!

At 17 I got pregnant again; this time I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Marquis, a joy to any mother’s heart and a blessing from God. He is now 14 and doing extremely well as a child of God.

I didn’t turn my life around just yet though. I continued to do what I wanted despite having such a wonderful baby in my life. I ended up marrying at 18 to this man that I only knew for about two or three months. It lasted long enough for me to get pregnant again at age 18. Tiphanie was born. The first daughter for me was an added joy and blessing in my life. I don’t understand,why I didn’t see Christ for who He was back then.

Back living with my mother now, I was going back to church every time the doors opened but just did not feel anything from the Lord. I was trying to keep things together all by myself. I had two kids still on the bottle and both were still in pampers. I was working as a waitress and things with the husband was totally over. I decided to run away.

I got my children together and I moved in with my aunt who lived in Andersonville, GA. My aunt was just as poor and I just brought added problems with two babies and no income other than welfare. And, on top of all things, I started going out with this guy and leaving the kids with the neighbors. My mother was called and I reluctantly went back home. I stayed home for about a month or two before I was off again to Atlanta, GA.

Atlanta was too fast, too soon for me and I loved every minute of it. I ended up pregnant again from some guy I had only known for about six months. I ran home real fast. I swindled my way out of that pregnancy by having an abortion at about 19 weeks. (God, thank you for forgiving me). I was so lost and stupid, the devil had me running like a fool. I didn’t realize how dumb I looked and should have felt. I am so grateful that our Lord forgives and saves.

I kind of settled down then and got myself an apartment and went to work for awhile, until I ended up pregnant for the fifth time. This resulted in Brittany, my loving angel of a daughter that God blessed me to have for a short while on this earth. I now had three blessings and still did not see God for who He is.

When I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with Brittany, I was dating this guy that I went to school with and he also lived in our neighborhood. He was a nice person until he found out that I was pregnant. He wanted me to give the baby up for adoption. I wasn’t going to do that. One night, he came to my apartment and abducted me. He and someone else grabbed me and pulled me into his car. He had a knife. He couldn’t get me in the car too quickly because my left foot was caught in the door and he kept slamming my foot in the door trying to close it. Finally, he realized my foot was in the door and moved it. He took me for a long ride and once, I tried to get away and I jumped out of the car while he was driving. I rolled down a ditch and he backed the car up and got to me before I could run. I remember that he took me back home and told me that he wasn’t going to kill me if I called the lady to put the baby up for adoption, so I did what he told me to do. God spared my life that night and he also spared my unborn child and I still refused Him; yet He still loves me. I never reported the incident to anyone, the man is now serving life without parole for killing someone else. That could have been me. Thank you Lord!

I have married three times since the first and all three were for selfish reasons and not of God. I was still fooling around and using the men as pawns. I am now in my fourth marriage that resulted from messing around on my third husband. I want to say that I know I was wrong for cheating on the ex and I know also that God put Michael in my life for a reason. I have now come to know Christ as never before. Jesus is my personal everything!

I know why God has saved me – I know why God has spared my life. I am so into living for Christ now and forever. Nothing will ever come between me and my Saviour. Michael was the man that I had always been looking for. He was the one that made me feel like a true woman. I even messed around on him with a man living across the hall from us. Michael still loved me for me and took me
back in when that man just up and left. I know that God put Michael in my life because he had to get me to see Him (Jesus). Michael was all the man I ever wanted, but Michael was an alcoholic, gambler and smoked crack cocaine. This is were my life began to change.

God knows through and through. He knew that I would fall for my now husband. And he also knew that my husband did not have patience for children nor was my husband going to budge on certain issues. God brought me to my knees on two issues that I sinned most in:

1) I had the most fertile ovaries in the world and yet I chose to abort two babies.
2) I used men and dogged them to the lowest level that I could. A man was to be used for whatever you could get out of them. (That is the way I thought)

My husband and I wanted a baby together and the Lord told me that if only I would turn from my wicked ways, He would give me another child. I had prayed for ten years for God to let me get pregnant again only to realize that it was me standing in the way the whole time. You see, after I had my fifth baby, Brittany, I had my tubes tied and blamed my mother for that also. Thank you Lord for Freedom.

Now, the Lord also knew how much I loved Michael. He knew I wanted this man. I left my third husband and Michael and I were together. This man went from bad to worse – the cursing, drinking, fights, gambling and me finding his crack pipes. But despite all, God had it all in control.

Today, I can say that Michael is off of crack cocaine; he hasn’t totally stopped drinking and gambling but the fights have stopped and we are praying together. God moves all mountains.

Thank you and God bless you for taking the time to read my testimony. I pray that it has helped encourage you in some way. If you would like to talk with me about anything I’ve shared, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at

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For UNBELIEVERS PLEASE WATCH! the Lord sees our evil deeds.. “Father Steven Scheier’s Fightening Judgment Experience…CONDEMNED TO HELL!” 

For UNBELIEVERS PLEASE WATCH! the Lord sees our evil deeds.. “Father Steven Scheier’s Fightening Judgment Experience…CONDEMNED TO HELL!” 

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